Learning in Covid-19 Situation

Learning is the basis for all human endeavors. Learning helps us to know about many things around us and gain from the past so that we can get ready for a future.

  • How has our school and college education prepared us to face a crisis like the Covid-19?
  • Are we adequately equipped to not only survive but also thrive with a creative lifestyle for a beautiful future?

Most people have been thinking of eating well and cooking new recipes and exercising at home to keep fit. Many students have been attending online classes and working professionals have been working from home.

Do you agree? It is critical to bring about changes, but ‘change’ is a necessity for building your secure future .
While we see so many changes in every sector, there are sectors of people in the film, media, and fitness world etc. who are not able to think of alternative ways of continuing their occupation.

With this uncertainty lurking around you, learning and relearning with the focus on skills becomes crucial for every young adult to become stronger and more competent after any pandemic hit.

Therefore, develop your ‘learnability’ beyond the confinement of classroom, school, college, degree or certificates.

A range of skills and competencies that can be developed based on your own strengths and gaps analysis.

You would not hesitate to take charge and you will push for solutions for complex situations. You will be become such problem solvers who is appreciated by the Employers and customers.

So, what is your focus for learning and developing now?

From Founder’s Desk