School Kid is ready to go school

As we grapple with Corona Virus and every parent is in dilemma of situation to send their kids to School. I, myself being a parent perceive phobia about sending my kid to School.

For some children who went to school because they got their regular lunch. I empathize with them and wish the current situation should turn to their favor.

Schools reopening does not mean a normal return to  class room  as it was before. Many parents like me would be pondering on few apprehensions such as.

  • How is the hygiene of the school premises and classrooms would be? Staggering lunch breaks, One arm distance of seating, hand washing breaks. How do the Schools manage ?
  • Do you think your 8-year-old kid will be wearing the mask from morning 8 am to 1 pm till she/he returns to home?
  • Will the kid adhere to the social distance, even after the class teacher instructions to do so? It’s so natural that, Kids like to play with their classmates.

Talking about Online classes, all parents perhaps faced these challenges like me:

  • It was essential to sit with my kid during her online classes because of some technical glitches (internet, app issues, audio, video issues) may crop up in between the classes.
  • If my kid is not able to understand teacher explanation, ensure to re- explain and answer to the questions.
  • Even after that, kids find difficult to sit alone inside a room and concentrate to the Live classroom session for continuous one hour of time.

Kids tend to get distracted during the on line classes at home because of various reasons and find difficult to pay undivided attention to the teacher.

Indeed, closure of school for kids was a disruption of their usual education routine.

How are we going to fix this predicament of reopening school and restarting regular education?

According to children psychologist & Academicians, online learning is not recommended for kids below 12 year old . However, what should a parent thinking right now? coming back to main question. Is sending my kid to school for regular education is safe out there?  And how much safe it is ?

 Ghosh!!!, I strongly agree that schools and the government are struggling to make an SOP for safe school reopening. Adjacent to it, parents have list of fear factors concerned about their children’s health protection.